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Diamond Rings

Shimmering clusters of diamonds light up your mood as our pieces have been treated to enhance their beauty. Our diamond collections are precisely weighed to create a meaningful piece any woman would treasure.

Gold Rings

If you have grown up on stories of rajkumaras and rajkumaris and dream of a royal Indian wedding, Polki is sure to capture your imagination! Polki jewellery is traditional, royal, elite and a great reminder of India’s rich heritage. Having great expertise in Polki Jewellery, Amyra Jewels displays a jaw-dropping collection of traditional Polki pieces that compliments your trendsetter attitude.

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Polki Rings

If you’re fascinated by the rich, extravagant jewellery that were worn by the royal ladies of Indian history, chances are that you’re in love with Polki jewellery. Polki Rings are one of the finest looking finger rings. The vague gold design set in with uncut diamonds in various shapes is what a Polki jewellery ring of ours signifies the combination of modern sophistication with traditional Polki craftsmanship, what gives you the freedom for full festive glamour.