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Gold Bangles & Bracelets

Crafted for every Indian Bride, keeping in mind her tradition, is jewellery that is brought to life by unmatched artistry that is truly captivating. Bangles are one such ornament that stands inseparable with the lives of woman. They signify good fortune and prosperity. Our exclusive range of BIS Certified Gold bangles that are exclusively designed for each wedding occasion and specific to Indian communities will sway your hand with happiness.

Diamond Bracelets

Every piece of jewellery holds an important place in the lives of a woman, but there's nothing more dazzling or classic than a diamond bracelet. They go with anything, from casual athletic wear to the slinkiest little black dress. A diamond bracelet is a treasure you can wear, and like diamond stud earrings, it's the perfect accessory for anyone who loves jewellery. Our unique designs and patterns are what make us your knight in the shining armour.

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